Nabbaale Primary Schools Rain Water Harvesting Projects

Most schools in rural Mukono suffer from frequent diarrhea, cholera, skin irritation and malnutrition which is often a sympton caused by dirty water. Access to clean, affordable and safe water is a luxury in that rural schools get their water from seasonal ponds, rivers, swamps or lakes which quite often may have human feaces contaminants, which is the main cause of diarrhoea and other water related diseases.

So far T.A- CRUSADE- UGANDA has constructed 4 Ferrous Rain water harvesting tanks at Nakiwaate P/s, St. John Kaama P/s and Nakanyonyi P/s, all in Nabbaale Sub County.
Increasing access to safe water decreases incidence of water related diseases and gives school going children an opportunity to thrive and empowers them through better health and wellness. T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA is tirelessly mobilizing for resources to see to it that atleast every rural community primary school in Mukono District atleast gets a Rain water harvesting system to allowing the pupils to not only have safe drinking water but water for improving other hygiene practices like food preparation and bathing.