OVC Support Project

Mukono District is estimated to have over 120,000 AIDS orphans. The issues facing these orphans are grave and usually have lead to a continued cycle of poverty and HIV infection. Single parent households often do not have the income to provide for the care of children. Double orphans, or those who have lost both parents, always face new home environments with a loss of support and affection. This leaves orphans at a greater risk of abuse and exploitation, as they are often used as a form of free labor. Additionally, some children have been left in the care of their eldest sibling, with no adult to care for them. The Children in child-headed households are often unable to provide for the basic needs of their siblings and struggle for food, shelter and the ability to attend school.

A great number of Children have dropped out of school due to a lack of school fees and the inability of caretakers to provide for their school materials. Children who are living with an HIV-positive parent or who are orphans are less likely to attend school and complete their education. This is due to a variety of factors, including the need to care for ailing family members, poverty, and a lack of parental or caretaker pressure to return to school. While Uganda is a leader in providing free primary education for all children, this is limited to government-run schools and does not include required supplemental material such as uniforms, books, pens, pencils, geometry sets and cooking materials for school meals. Children without these materials are often sent home. Additionally, free public schools may be prohibitively far from the home of the child. Therefore, many children still must attend local private schools. Gender further impacts education as girls are often removed from school before boys if resources are limited
T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA with the help of friends and charities like you supports these Orphans and other Vulnerable Children through providing them with scholastic materials and other basic requirement. As a small organisation, we have very limited resources yet the need around us is so much. We welcome all to support this cause.