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community health programme

Community Medical Camps

Over the years, T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA has organized, financed and conducted Medical Camps. Its inaugural outreach camp was in January in Mayangayanga in 2015. Free medical services were provided to an estimated 1,500 peasants. In this particular camp, the Organization offered a wide range of services such as screening, diagnosis and treatment of basic diseases, public health education, voluntary counseling and testing, and provision of free medicine.

Community Health Education

Educating mothers on the role of breastfeeding and immunization, educating communities on reproductive health, safe hygiene practice, nutrition, water and sanitation.

Health Interventions

Improving immunization coverage and nutritional status among the rural and urban poor, providing insecticide treated nets (ITN), setting up screening programs for common diseases and malignancies, such as diabetes, breast cancer, cervical cancer and tuberculosis, de-worming of all children of school going age and providing ante-natal clinic services for expectant mothers. The program also offers voluntary counseling and testing services for HIV/AIDS.

816 women received breast cancer screenings between 2013 and 2022; 8,000 children were dewormed during this period; and 5000 young Ugandans received voluntary counseling and testing for HIV.

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