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Sports Development Programme

T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA aims to promote sports and physical fitness throughout Nakifuma County, utilizing resources drawn from Government, Sports Associations, Sports minded Philanthropists, Institutions and anyone committed to Sports and Physical Fitness.

In this endeavour, T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA focuses its attention on:

Providing opportunities for talent identification.

Developing the identified talent to excellence at Local, National and International levels

Bringing in a competition culture throughout Nakifuma County in order to promote physical fitness, talent identification, competitiveness and brotherhood.

Establishing sports infrastructure and encouraging the same in the private arena to suit a wide range of requirements – from community level sports meets to that of international competitions.

To develop appropriate coaching methods through coaching clinics, workshops, courses at both local and national levels as well as abroad so as to ensure that correct techniques are taught at the learning stage and appropriate techniques towards international performances are in line with research based advancements abroad.

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